Committee Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria Considered by the Admissions Committee during the Review Process

Your completed application is reviewed within three to four weeks upon release by PharmCAS. Selected applicants will be required to participate in the interview process (interviews are by invitation only).

When making decisions, the Admissions Committee considers evidence of sound academic achievements, the interview, communication skills and motivation for pharmacy, personal statement, community service and leadership, letters of recommendation and work experience.

Academic Achievements

Since the Pharm.D. program has a rigorous curriculum, it’s important that all students entering the program are academically prepared. A review of academic achievements include:

  • GPAs: all college-level grades, overall GPA, science GPA and non-science GPA
  • PCAT scores: composite, all sub-scores and writing score from all PCAT exams in the last three years


Assesses the applicant’s essential skills, which may not be reflected in the application. During the interview, a candidate’s knowledge of the profession, motivation toward a career as a pharmacist, ability to think clearly and logically, self-confidence, ability to work with a group and verbal expression of ideas will be assessed.

Communications Skills and Motivation for Pharmacy

Your communication skills and motivation for pharmacy are evaluated through your personal statement, letters of recommendation, interview, and extracurricular activities and work experience.

Community Service and Leadership

Participation in activities within your community, involvement in college organizations or groups, positions held within an organization or as resident or teaching assistant position.

Personal Statement

Communicate why you want to be a pharmacist and support this information with details including pharmacy/health care work, volunteer experiences, related extracurricular activities, leadership roles, or any other important information.

Letters of Recommendation

Make your evaluators aware of the reason you want to pursue a career in pharmacy and how your interaction with the evaluator is important for the application

Work experience

Include any work experiences that may be relevant to your application