Why Choose LIU Brooklyn Honors College?

The Honors College provides an elevated academic experience that offers evolving, forward-thinking programs for intellectually ambitious, high performing students across all majors. The college offers numerous unique opportunities beyond the scope of a typical college program.

Some of the benefits of LIU Brooklyn Honors College include:

  • An enriched Liberal Arts core curriculum that is designed to assist students to become critical and independent thinkers through small, seminar-style liberal arts classes that emphasize experiential learning and interdisciplinary approaches.

  • Adventure learning experiences such as wilderness seminars co-sponsored by the National Collegiate Honors Council and the U.S. Park Service, and annual spring travel seminars to centers of art and culture, such as Dublin, Paris, Rome, Venice, Madrid, and Barcelona.

  • Broad network of scholars across the nation and world through participation in national honors organizations, conferences, and seminars.
  • Extensive alumni network of leaders in fields from the health sciences to business to the arts.
  • New York City is your classroom, library, and canvas. You’ll integrate your studies with the incomparable cultural, social, and professional opportunities available just outside our doors.

  • Home to internationally acclaimed George Polk Awards, one of the most prestigious journalistic honors in the world—LIU Brooklyn students have exclusive access to events and lectures with newsmakers.  
  • Nationally recognized for excellence. The Honors College delivers an innovative core curriculum that is nationally recognized as a model for integrating learning across the disciplines and incorporating elements of experiential education. Advanced Honors Seminars provide students the opportunity to explore topics not typically offered at universities.

  • More than $100 million in scholarships and grants is awarded annually to highly motivated LIU Brooklyn students.

  • Flexibility for independent thinkers. The Honors curriculum allows you to shape your own education by taking a broad range of courses outside your area of concentration, conducting independent research and thesis projects, or even designing your own major.

  • Collegial community environment. Honors students enjoy an exclusive, contemporary space suitable for academics, social gatherings, conferences, and guest lectures, providing opportunities for intellectual support, social interaction, and leadership development.

  • One-on-one advising for grant and fellowship applications, including the Jeanette K. Watson Fellowship and the Fulbright and Marshall Scholarships.

  • Graduate with honors and set yourself apart in the eyes of future employers and colleagues.