Advanced Electives

Each fall and spring, Honors offers five to six Advanced Elective seminars, making it possible for students to choose courses from a wide array of topics and disciplinary approaches. To complete Honors, students must take a total of three seminars after completing the Freshman Sequence. Transfer students who have completed the core curriculum, typically take a total of four seminars. The seminars are limited to 16 students and run only once. Each semester, an entirely new set of topics is announced. Below is a sample of seminars offered recently:

  • Toward Dystopia
  • Studies in Material Culture
  • Classics in Performance
  • International War on Drugs
  • From Boob Tube to YouTube: The Rise and Fall of Network Television
  • A Coney Island of the Mind: Coney Island in Cultural History, Literature, and Film
  • An Introduction to Holocaust Studies
  • Music Acculturation in the United States
  • South African Literature, Film, and Music: Apartheid and Post-Apartheid Years
  • Eureka! Moments in Bioscience
  • Nice Work If You Can Get It: Western Attitudes Toward Work
  • The Decline and Fall of the American Republic
  • Graphic Literature
  • The Fats of Life
  • The Struggle for Historical Memory in Latin America
  • Gossip: An Interdisciplinary Study

Earn Distinction in Honors:  Any final project for an Honors advanced elective may be expanded, under the guidance of a faculty mentor, into a substantial paper. Review of the paper by the faculty mentor and presentation at a year-end Honors symposium are required to achieve Distinction in Honors at graduation. Interested students should contact their Honors advisor.