Honors Program Curriculum

Honors College students substitute advanced alternative courses for general core curriculum requirements in humanities and social sciences. Freshmen typically take a sequence of literature, history, and philosophy courses organized around a central theme. Completion of this sequence satisfies all Writing Across Curriculum requirements outside the major. Honors also offers courses that enable students to complete their social science, fine arts, speech and foreign language requirements in an Honors environment. 

Beyond the core requirements, Honors students must take three Honors Advanced Electives (9 credits) or, for students transferring into Honors who have already completed the non-Honors core, four Honors advanced electives (12 credits). At the upper-level, Honors offers advanced liberal arts electives representing a range of themes taught by faculty from all departments at the university, including the sciences, humanities, the arts, journalism, and the social sciences. The advanced electives utilize field experience, independent research, and the extraordinary resources of New York City to provide students with a unique learning experience.

Contract Major

If a major is not offered by the university, an Honors student may design his/her own major in consultation with his/her Honors adviser and the appropriate faculty. Students interested in a contract major must be in good standing with the program and will need the permission of the Honors director and the approval of the appropriate faculty and the relevant dean. Applications will not be accepted until students have completed at least 32 credits. Interested students should contact their Honors adviser immediately. Contract majors in the past have included degrees in bio-psychology, international relations, and public relations.