Pre-Professional Advisement


Pre-Professional Advisement (Pre-Med)

The purpose of the Pre-Professional Evaluating Committee is to assist qualified students in gaining entry into health-related, primary care provider, professional schools. First, the Committee will provide the student with information on professional schools, the application process, the pre-professional examinations (MCAT, DAT, OCAT, etc.) and general academic advisement. Specific program advisement should be obtained from the faculty members of the undergraduate student's major department.

Second, the student will be evaluated by the Committee as part of the application process. The evaluation will be based on the individual evaluation forms provided to the Committee by the student's professors. The student also will be called before the Committee for a personal interview. After the interview, the Committee will send a copy of the composite evaluation to each professional school designated by the applicant. Professional schools look at composite evaluations as a consensus of the faculty and, therefore, provide a broad-based evaluation of the applicant. The evaluation covers such qualifications and characteristics as intellectual capacity, personality, character, emotional stability, aptitude and motivation, extra-curricular activities, strengths and weaknesses, and overall scholarship. The evaluation will contain excerpts of the opinions of the student's professors as they appear on the individual evaluation forms. It should be emphasized that the Committee is not another hurdle in the application process. It is, in fact, an important aid in helping the student plan a career and gain entry into professional school.