Resources & Facilities

Students taking courses in Richard L. Conolly College or majoring in liberal arts and sciences, have access to a wide variety of state-of-the-art science labs, computer labs, instructional support and research facilities, diagnostic clinics, and a counseling center.  All of these instructional facilities and resources are designed and supervised by experienced full-time faculty members and by professional administrators and are used to support the academic advancement and professional development of the Brooklyn Campus student community. 

All holders of valid LIU email accounts have access to ChemBio Office, a cloud computing system from Cambridge Software, which includes:

• ChemBio Draw Moloecular modeling software, including 3D imaging

• Direct interfacing to Jaguar, Gaussion, GAMESS and MOPAC computational chemistry programs

• Direct interfacing with Oracle, ChemBioVis, STATISTICA and BioAssay databases

• Customizable to accept input from other databases

Department of Biology
  • 7 Teaching labs, ~ 1500 square feet each, undergoing renovation
  • 12 Research labs, between 600 and 1000 square feet