The Accounting Society

The Accounting Society

The Accounting Society is a professional club within the School of Business, Public Administration and Information Sciences that seeks to: 1) increase awareness of the accounting profession among students majoring in accounting and/or business; and 2) explore a wide variety of general accounting issues and topics addressed by practicing professionals from the “Big Four” accounting and mid-sized firms, private industry and government agencies.

The Accounting Society sponsors several networking opportunities with the Department of Finance, Law, Accounting and Taxation alumni, the IRS, and numerous accounting firms. Attending events hosted by the Accounting Society is a great way to learn about the accounting profession, to gain leadership skills for a career in accounting and to interact with recruiters in the field.

Weekly meetings are held in the second-floor lounge of the Humanities Building on Thursdays at 11a.m. during the academic year.

Contact Information:
Professor Angelos Angeli
Faculty Advisor


School of Business

Graziela Fusaro, Dean